Getting Repeat Racers: How to Create an Unforgettable Participant Experience

Planning a marathon or similar event is an incredible endeavor, one that includes securing city permits, renting equipment, finding sponsors and so much more. You want your event to be both safe and profitable — but you also want to create an unforgettable e

The Social Media Revolution: Boosting Endurance Event Sponsorship

The Social Media Revolution Forbes Magazine argues that “When it comes to how sponsors are desiring to spend their sports-related dollars, one trend is certain: Digital and social elements win the day.” Social media has completely revolutionized the market

Top 5 Reasons for Athletes to Join Your Race

My name is Tamar Barneis, a competitive athlete who has made a career in the field of endurance sports events production. Based on my experience, I have outlined in this article the main reasons why athletes choose to take part in races, with the hope that thi

5 Ways Sponsored Social Media Race Photography Boosts Racing Events Sponsorship

Sponsored Social Media Race Photography is a new emerging race photography model focusing on granting athletes with their (branded) race photos free – to share on social media. The photos are branded with the race or sponsor branding and would reach a huge a

Sponsored Race Photography – an Emerging Model

Racing events photography have been there since the days running events became a popular leisure and recreation activity. Runners would sometimes train months for a marathon – and would love to get their moments of achievement memorized in great photos. For