Pic2Go at Coca Cola Summer Love 2015

Thousands of Israeli teens attend the annual Coca-Cola Summer Love event for an unforgettable experience of friends, music and fun.

This year Coca-Cola Israel have selected Pic2Go technology to let all participants instantly share their branded photos to Facebook - boosting engagement and driving social reach of over 3.7 million impressions!


The Coca-Cola Summer Love Experience

Attending the annual Coca-Cola Summer Love festival is a highlight for many Israeli teenagers. Coca-Cola holds the festival on a branded beach and offers variety of attractions, games, music shows and social experiences.

Social-sharing of the experiences is just a natural step - which Coca-Cola took to the next level with Pic2Go.


Pic2Go - Branded Social Sharing Technology

Pic2Go photo-activation solution is used to automate photo-tagging in mass participation events, and let participants automatically share their branded photos to Facebook.

Each participant in the Coca-Cola Summer Love 2015 event had a personal tag with a unique Pic2Go 2D barcode. Pic2Go photographers took photos of all participants during the event - and by simple app-registration participants could get all their photos posted in branded albums to their personal Facebook profiles.


The Social Impact for Coca-Cola

With more than 3,000 participants sharing their Coca-Cola branded photos to Facebook - the Social Impact was huge!

Pic2Go Branded Photo-Activation has generated over 3.7 Million Facebook Impressions, nearly 60,000 Likes and 4,500 comments to the branded photos.

Coca-Cola Israel has summarized the Pic2Go activation at the event as most-successful one, which they will definitely take to their other branded events in the country.


For More Information on Pic2Go Photo-Activation solution for Branded Events, Festivals and Experiential Marketing - visit Pic2Go for Branded Events Overview Page and Facebook Fan Page.

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