Digital Race Experience Tracking & Sharing – Setting 2017 Standards

Working with hundreds of events from around the world it's amazing to see how race directors are constantly investing in making their participants' experience unique and unforgettable.

Our goal at Pic2Go is to build the best solutions that will let participants memorize and share their race experience while increasing the value for race sponsors. Here are the highlight of our Digital Race Experience Tracking & Sharing technologies - as I expect to become the standard in large events as well as small ones throughout 2017.

Auto-Posting of Free (Sponsored) Race-Day Photos

* Free Race-Day Photos keep taking its place as the industry standard.

* Pic2Go's patent-pending 2D barcodes technology automates tagging, branding and sharing of the photos - for real Same-Day race-photos availability.

* Your sponsors enjoy massive immediate social engagement and reach for the branded photos. 2017 Miami Marathon saw over 10 million impressions for the shared branded photos.

Taking Race Photos to The Next Level with Performance-Photos

* Pic2Go Performance-Photos technology highlights participants' performance throughout the race.

* Photos are enriched with runner's pace, time, distance and event photography-location, letting participants track (and share) their performance.

* Performance-Photos brings the visual experience with the timing experience together, with minimal operations and with any timing system.

Performance Videos - Next Generation Race Videos

* Offering personal HD race-videos for participants to share should be the new industry digital-experience-sharing standard.

* Pic2Go Performance-Videos let each participant feel like a pro as it adds performance-stats to each videos.

* Branded-content is added to the videos to boost sponsor's marketing value.

* Pic2Go self-operating model let you use your camcorders and even your videographers. Our local partners would love to offer their help if you need!

The New 3D Race Flyover - RaceView

* Pic2Go RaceView is our new solution letting participants replay, explore and share their race experience from new angles!

* It's a great way to highlight the course, the terrain and attraction points along the route - via a 3D interactive interface.

* Participant's photos and performance stats are included.

* 3D RaceView is soon to become the successor of the traditional 2D race maps.

With this summary - we are very excited to open 2017 offering a full suite of Digital Experience Sharing solutions for endurance events and sponsors.

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