7 Tips for Taking Amazing Endurance Event Photos

We have asked Raimundo Lagos – the owner of Foco Sport Chile (Pic2Go partner in Chile) to share with us some key tips he has for race photographers. Foco Sport Chile is known for its professionalism in endurance events photography. Raimundo’s team captures exceptional shoots of the athletes in their greatest moment and the photos they produce are amazingly unique and beautiful.

Here are a few tips from Raimundo:

1. Get involved, get closer, get up and down

For a picture to be interesting, we as professional photographers, should always look for a different angle of the action. Get involved, closer and up and down refers directly for looking to that unique composition and light.

2. Don't take boring pictures

Avoid that front-facing, plane, regular picture taken by your mom...

3. We are professional photographers so use pro tricks like: filters, external flashes, clean and good lenses

To get professional results use the best gear you can afford and anything that could make a difference between an amateur and a pro.

4. Know all the photography aspects like: aperture, speed, iso and white balance

Sometimes it's necessary for you and your team to refresh your technical skills so look for internet guides and tutorials that could help you know your equipment as well as you can.

5. Avoid plane light, shoot against the sun

A good picture is a matter of composition and light. Know to read the light and make it interesting even on a cloudy day, use external flashes to make the subject look with volume. Race photography is all about action and looking cool like a Magazine cover.

6. Try and always push yourself to get the best shot possible

There is always room for improvement.

7. Use your instincts and shoot from your heart

You should love what you do!


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