6 Trends for 2016 Marathon Training & Race Day

1 - Smarter Active Wear

Harder, better, faster, stronger, smarter! The production of smart textiles took off in in 2015 with brands like Nike, Coolcore and Asics manufacturing products ranging from fitness tracking to thermo regulation fabrics to smart sneakers. In 2016, we can expect companies like Adidas, Patagonia and Under Armour, to come out with new athletic wear specifically designed to help recreational and marathon runners enjoy a more comfortable running experience.

Smarter Active Wear

2 - Wearable Training Devices

Wear yourself out! The wearable tech market continues to soar with new products for endurance training. In 2016, we will see the release of Humon’s real-time lactic acid threshold monitor, which is a device targeted toward endurance athletes who wish to push their limits. The Tundra Band Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Runners will hit the market this winter and is sure to be a hit for all types of runners. Athos’ extremely successful 2015 campaign will result in the production of more innovative and elaborate wearable fitness gear in 2016. Garmin introduced new GPS running watches that feature all-day/all-night tracking and smart alerts. The Garmin Forerunner 630 features a color, touch screen, battery life of up to 16 hours and uploading capabilities even when the mobile phone is far from within Bluetooth range. The watches debuted this fall, and will certainly find themselves on the wrists of many runners this year.

3 - Wearables for Race Day

Are you wearing it to the finish line? Wearables are not only for training but are making their way to the race route. Earin Bluetooth wireless earphones, known for their comfort and style, came out in October 2015 and are sure to be seen at 2016 endurance events. LifeBEAM, a leader in performance technology, launched its Smart Hat, which monitors heart rate, calorie consumption and cadence, this past November. This type of biometric monitoring is ideal for training and for tracking on race day itself. Sensoria Smart Socks are light and flexible, but also, offer all the perks of fitness tracking. The Sensoria Smart Sock is sure to replace the classic running sock for many serious techie endurance runners in 2016.

Wearables for Race Day

4 - Race Day Performance Enhancers

Caffeine boosters are out and smarter, healthier options are in! 2016 will usher in the era of more in-race handouts. Event coordinators will have the opportunity to provide participants with more products that will help them during their race. Run Gum, a gum developed to enhance running performance, will join the various other handouts at Endurance Events, intended to assist runners on race day. RunSip Lids, designed by a marathon runner himself, prevent runners from spilling their drinks while running and allow them to drink at reasonable pace. Endurance runners in 2016 are sure to be seen with this new gizmo.

Race Day Performance Enhancers

5 - Marathon Training Programs

Train your heart out. The end of 2015 saw an influx of marathon training programs for the 2016 season. Fleet Feet Sports Burbank offers programs that are determined according to specific races. Training for the LA Marathon is sponsored by Adidas in conjunction with Fleet Feet Sports. JFT Run N Tri is offering programs for the Chicago, New York City, and Columbus 2016 marathons. This year we will not only see an increase the number of programs that are offered, but we will also see a large increase in participation in these training programs.

6 - Live Performance Tracking

Live every moment to the fullest with live tracking. Services like Pic2Go Performance Tracking and ChronoTrack Live, which launched in 2015, are at the forefront of new performance tracking technology. Pic2Go’s Performance Photos combine race photos with live running statistics, and ChronoTrack Live offers living scoring for all size endurance events.

Pic2Go Performance Photos

Written by Sarah Marlowe - Marketing and Sponsorship Advisor at Pic2Go

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