2016 Vodafone Malta Marathon to be using Pic2Go (once again)

2016 Vodafone Malta Marathon has selected to implement Pic2Go's Sponsored Race Photography service this year once again.

"For the 7th consecutive year we have registered an increase in the number of participants, we shouldlook have about 4,400. From these 2,100 are foreigners." - says Joe Micallef – Malta Marathon Race director.
"Although we have a very small island country which is only 42km long and 21km wide and in the middle of the Mediterranean with a small population we have manage to produce an international event that attract 2,000 foreigners that must fly to run the Malta Marathon. Our mild winter climate and the friendly Maltese are certainly a contribution to the Malta Marathon's success.
Over these 31 years we have made many changes and improvements, such as better routes, chip timing, 30 bands along the route and of course Pic2Go."

Vodafone Malta Marathon

Free Race Photos + Performance Tracking & Sharing for all Participants

2016 will be the 4th year for Malta Marathon to offer participants Free Race Photos through the Pic2Go Platform. This year - for the first time - the marathon will also offer participants to Track & Share their Performance throughout the race via Pic2Go Performance-Photos solution.

Vodafone - Empowering People to be at Their Best

"At Vodafone we strongly believe in the power of the individual, and in the power of that individual to try things for the first time and to achieve any personal goal that he or she aspires to." - says Tara Lynn Zammit – Brand Executive at Vodafone Malta.

"It is all about empowering people to be at their best. Our sponsorship of the Malta Marathon and Pic2Go service is based very much on this belief, since this event represents a life-long goal for so many people who train morning and evening to achieve it. Through the sponsorship of Pic2Go we share/ tell inspiring real events/ stories (through photos) of how restless life lovers are empowered to be at their best."

Pic2Go at Vodafone malta Marathon

Pic2Go - Social Engagement for Endurance Events and Sponsors

Pic2Go is a leading provider of Social Engagement solutions for Endurance Events and Sponsors. With its patent pending technology - Pic2Go offers event participants with Personal Branded Albums to instantly share on Facebook, while amplifying sponsors’ engagement and social reach. Pic2Go's innovative Performance-Photos solution enables participants to Track & Share their performance throughout the event. Pic2Go leads the Same-Day Free Race Photos trend that takes over the mass participation athletic event industry.

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